Friday, September 23, 2016

Where I get my Information from

Hello,its Cameron I just wanted to let you know where to find more information on Hunting and Football.I know i'm going to put a majority of the information but to get the maximum explanation and information is to visit these following websites for football and hunting.

ESPN, ''The Worldwide Leader in Sports," is a great website for both the scores and news stories.ESPN will show you the upcoming games and stats for both teams.ESPN has all kinds of sports feed;not just football all different kinds of sports to see whats happening in the college and professional world. 

Max preps , "America's source for High School Sports,
"is also a good website but the difference between these two is that this is for high school sports only.Its the same as ESPN with all the same feeds but it's just for high school sports.

dfg a good website for your local hunting and fishing laws and news.This website shows how many tags and the seasons duration depending on the animal you wish to harvest.This website gives you reviews from each zone that tell you their success and opinion on the hunt;so you can pick the right one for your next hunt.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Football and Hunting

I chose these two topics because they’re my favorite activities to do when i'm not at school.I chose hunting because I went with my dad and my uncle all the time since I was a little kid learning to hunt.I like to do different types of hunting.My favorites are duck and deer hunting.I chose football because I go to Fortuna High where we have a pretty successful football team called the Fortuna Huskies.

This blog will include the upcoming events in both football and hunting.All of the match ups and final game results for football games for the huskies and the recent news and new laws for hunting.

My point for making this blog is to show people that we need to have hunters because it's gets us out of playing video games and into the wilderness to have some fun.The point for huskies football is that the huskies has had some pretty successful starts in their seasons and they're my high school's team name.