Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Greatest Moment of my life

My First Duck Hunt

Since I was five years old I dreamed about being a hunter just like my dad.Throughout the years I was like a retriever dog to my dad.I would in the pitch black dark waiting for sunrise setting up decoys and getting everything perfect for our hunt.Then when dad  would shoot at the duck I would go run out in the field and retrieve them.

In 2012 I decided to take my hunter safety test at Redwood Prep Charter School in Fortuna CA.When I got note that I passed my hunter safety I immediately went to Ace Hardware and bought my first hunting license.I was so excited that I finally get to hunt with my dad and friends for future seasons to come.Hunting is a big father and son or daughter bonding experience. Personally, I feel a little extra closer when I’m there with my dad by my side waiting for the sun to rise and the ducks to come out.

The next morning at 4:00 am on a Saturday early October morning I drove with my dad to Loleta to go to a duck pond to go on my first duck hunt with my new license. We sat in the blind with tall trees and cattail grass all around us waiting for the ducks to come over us.I had my gun locked and loaded until a group of drake and hen mallards came over my head. I raised my shotgun and pulled the trigger at one of the ducks and fired.I ended up killing 1 of the 4 ducks in the group. The excitement on my dad's face; I felt that day that I was the king of the world.  And that day was most of the main reasons that I hunt waterfowl to this day and will continue for as long as I can live.

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