Thursday, January 12, 2017

*Purchasing ammo in Californa

   In California you can purchase ammunition at any outdoors store as long as you are 21 years old or older.In the 2016 voting ballot that we fill out every 4 years to vote for positions in our government and new laws that we should pass or not pass.One of the new laws that we were voting on is “Should we have to pass a background check to purchase ammo in California.In my opinion I think that we should pass it because we wanna be safe and know who’s buying ammunition and the purpose of it.
California Governor Jerry Brown has passed six gun control bills.One of the laws include requiring citizens now have to pass a background check to purchase ammunition in California.The main reason they passed this new law is because they want to know who's buy ammo and for what purpose will they use he ammo.

 You can see where our governments coming from because of the shootings and deaths that have occured.In their thinking they think that if we make people take a background check  to see what crimes and what they use the ammo for when they’ve purchased it.The problem with that is that the criminal can have somebody with a perfect background walk into the store and buy ammo and then give it to him;so this is also a useless law.
 In my opinion this law is good but also useful because people don't want to waste their time and have a background check because maybe in their past they did something that was not right and payed the price for it;Would it transfer the old crimes a person did?.And would they keep them from buying ammo.The reason that I like this law is because it's going to keep us safe because it will keep criminals from purchasing ammo over the counter.

Since my dad and I our hunters we were just stunned when we heard that this laws passed because that just shows where this country is heading in the future. But they also make an understanding point that we should be more cautious who we give our ammo too.

I encourage people to just do the right thing and not have other people buy ammo for the other person because that's how we start violence and violence is the last worry our state needs to worry about.The main question that I have is why do you want to risk taking away our 2nd amendment right to have a firearm in the first place?.

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